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The Annuity Exchange is a resource for the best Fixed Annuity rates in New York State.  We offer a whole table of annuity products and rates.  We review the over 50 statewide Fixed Annuity carriers and give you the best rates available in the marketplace.  The rates are constantly changing and The Annuity Exchange will help you determine your options.

Whether you are renewing a Fixed Annuity or CD you currently own, shopping for a new Fixed Annuity, or just have questions related to your Fixed Annuity use The Annuity Exchange as your resource.

Until now the availability of rates and products has been at the discretion of local banks and financial planners.  With The Annuity Exchange, you can now view the products at your leisure as well as inquire about current rates and products.  Click on Rates and view our annuity table.

We offer:
  • Single Premium Fixed Rate Annuities
  • Immediate Annuities
  • CD Alternatives 
  • Wealth Accumulation and Distribution Products 

New York Featured Table of Annuity Products

Fixed Index Annuities

Single Premium / Wealth Transfer Traditional Fixed Annuities
  • 6 Year
  • AG Global 6
  • US Life
  • 3% Global Multiple Index Cap
  • *1% minimum guarantee
  • Inheritance Life/US Life
  • Tax-Advantaged
  • Tax-Deferred cash value growth
  • Guaranteed Tax-Free Death Benefits
  • Guaranteed Return of Premium
  • Simplified Underwriting / No Medical Exam
  • Ages 40-80/Preferred/Standard Ratings
  • 5 Year
  • Palladium MYG 5
  • American National
  • 2.40% Rate to Surrender
  • (3.20% in Year 1)
  • Add .10% for $100K or more
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